Who would’ve thought a fashion and style powerhouse would hail out of Shreveport, LA, far from the fashion mecca of New York City. Head designer and CEO, Steven Goudeau did, and is an example of following your dreams no matter where you are from. He inspires and encourages upcoming artists that anything is possible and achievable.

Steven has always had a love for fashion and style. Urban, artsy, dynamic, and unlimited have long been style ideals that he has lived by. Like many other young people in their early days,he wanted to attend a fashion college in New York. His path proved different. He decided to attend the University of New Orleans, majoring in Mass Communication and Public Relations, which to this day, proved only to strengthen his knowledge portfolio.

Growing up, he always made sure his attire expressed who he was. He was the go-to guy in his family about style and what was hot and trending. In 2004, Steven decided to bring one of his ideas to life.He got his first wedding referral. The completed gown, and its presentation was a move that escalated him far ahead of what he could ever imagine. He began specializing in custom wedding gowns.

Skipping ahead, Steven got into the celebrity world with collaborations with his friends in the industry. His creativity caught the eye of many stylists and designers. It allowed him to begin creating designs for headliners like Tyra Banks, Zendaya, Destiny’s Child, Lil Kim, and other A-List celebrities. Steven officially founded Stephen Goudeau in 2014, to create more sophisticated, bespoke and timeless designs, appealing to the fashion forward and custom style worthy.

His goal in the industry is to leave a strong, persevering stamp for people of color, of any sex, age, and background. He firmly believes, and wants others to understand, that Black Lives Do Matter and he wants the example of his life to leave footprints in the fashion world that help stamp out stereotypes of people of color being seen as subpar. You’ll often see on Steven's social media the quote, “Black fashion designers do exist…” It’s a statement of truth for him, and other black designers worldwide, whether the world accepts it or not.

Steven Goudeau is Designer/CEO at Stephen Goudeau, a fashion label that creates timeless,custom, and ready-to-wear pieces, and custom wedding gowns.

Steven’s work has been featured in British Vogue, New York Fashion Week, the Washington Post, and Cosmopolitan. He and his team will continue to dress clients, known and unknown, spreading his artwork to the universe.